Mattaniah Eytan
Survivor since early 2008

Mattaniah Eytan, the 74 year-old founding director of a distinguished San Francisco law firm, has a lot to live for. However, when he was diagnosed with leukemia, Mattaniah was advised by expert oncologists that there was no cure. In fact, all treatment alternatives were strictly palliative and sometimes worse than the symptoms of the disease.

After extensive review of medical literature and relying on a strong gut feeling, Mattaniah underwent outpatient allogeneic nonmyeloablative stem cell transplantation (NST) at CTCI in Tel Aviv, while staying in a hotel near the Tel Aviv beach. The treatment was a complete success, with no remaining evidence of disease and no residual side effects. Mattaniah has since returned to manage his office and enjoys routine life in California.

This is one example of leukemia treated at an early stage of the disease, where cure was accomplished without a single overnight hospital stay.

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